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Jon R. Orcutt brings You
Over 15 Years Experience and Success in Investment Strategy and Wealth Management

Jon R. Orcutt is an Asset Allocation
Strategist and Author of “Master the Markets with Mutual Funds: A common Sense Guide to Investing Success”.

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About Jon R. Orcutt

Jon R. Orcutt has over 18 years of experience in the financial services industry. He is an Asset Allocation Strategist and Author.

Jon R. Orcutt has recently finished his first book, "Master the Markets with Mutual Funds: A Common Sense Guide to Investing Success". His extensive experience working exclusively with individual investors, gives him unique insight into what makes a successful investor. His past “common sense” approach with clients has translated into a down-to-earth writing style that provides readers with a realistic guide to building sustainable wealth.

A graduate of SUNY at Fredonia, Jon R. Orcutt began his career at Edwards Jones, and at the age of 22 was handed the keys to his own office. While there, he built a business from the ground up, that achieved instant profitability. His early success propelled him to greater opportunities with UBS Wealth Management, where he was named Vice President at the age of 26, and later Smith Barney where he was named Vice President of Wealth Management.

Jon is passionate about sharing his knowledge and insider insight that he has obtained over the years with people who are hoping to take charge of their investing future and are searching for the truth.  The last decade has been labeled the “Lost Decade” because the S&P 500 Index finished the decade down 9% and the Wilshire Total Market Index finished down 6%.  Jon's simple strategy gained 144% in the same period of time, and did so while experiencing 50% less volatility than the markets.  Jon's “risk vs. reward” strategy returns are unmatched.

Jon is eager to provide actionable allocations that make sense and help individual investors succeed on their own.

Jon R. Orcutt
Asset Allocation Strategist & Author


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