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Jon R. Orcutt is an Asset Allocation
Strategist and Author of “Master the Markets with Mutual Funds: A common Sense Guide to Investing Success”.

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My Models

As a member of Allocation For Life you will have exclusive access to all of my models. This includes the model detailed in my book “Master The Markets With Mutual Funds: A Common Sense Guide To Investing Success”.  The Allocation For Life models are offered for “members only” at Folio Investing. Visit the Home page for detailed information.

Folio Investing is a low cost online brokerage that is designed around diversified portfolio investing for the self-directed investor.  Investors are able to manage stocks, ETFs and mutual funds as an integrated investment portfolio called a “Folio.” Securities can be traded individually, just like at other brokerages, but investors can also trade their whole portfolio in a single transaction- all commission free. This is the key to my Allocation for Life Folios which deploy tactical allocation and rebalancing.

The Newsletter (available on the 5th of each month)

I STRONGLY believe that sensationalism fuels emotional investing.  There are thousands of newsletters being sold on the internet.  Most of them promise to make you rich beyond your dreams with hot stock tips. That is not what you will find with my newsletter. The goal of my newsletter is to provide a rational view of the markets and a true view of how the markets are performing. Emotional investing is the biggest obstacle to investing success, and my hope is to provide a view you can lean on that will help take the emotions out of your investment process. By doing so, the process of building long-term sustainable wealth can begin. Education and empowerment is our theme to success.

My monthly newsletter will include the following:


    This section will include my personal view of the markets performance. In addition, I will tackle a topic each month that I feel needs to be addressed.  In some cases, this may include commentary to offset what I feel to be false messages being told in the financial media.  Also, in this section, I will be reminding members to check their allocations, and will update my members on any changes to my current models and discuss any newly created models.

    Models & Market Performance

    This section will completely cover the performance of my Allocation for Life models which can be owned at Folio Investing.  I will be providing statistical data for my Allocation for Life models and the overall market.  Including asset class and sector performance data.  Each asset class will be reviewed.  My models have specific goals, and those goals will be measured overtime vs. the broad-based market.

Subscriber Alerts!

Allocation for Life Newsletter subscribers are updated in real-time. When I make a move in one of my models, subscribers are automatically alerted. Subscribers then have the choice to accept the changes in their own self-directed models at Folio Investing. In July 2012, subscribers were alerted that I was adding GDX to my models.  Those that followed my move were also alerted at the end of the third quarter 2012 when I was locking in a 26% gain on GDX.

I also use alerts to update subscribers about news and earnings announcements for companies I own in my Allocation for Life Models.

Consider the value Members are receiving.  They are not being sold investments.  They are being educated and empowered.  “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day.  Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”

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