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Jon R. Orcutt is an Asset Allocation
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“Master the Markets with Mutual Funds: A Common Sense Guide to Investing Success”: Synopsis

"Master the Markets with Mutual Funds: A Common Sense Guide to Investing Success" is a groundbreaking investment guide for investors of all levels. The book is refreshing because it was written by an author that has seen and heard it all from investors. The confusing terminology is set aside, and the author, Jon R. Orcutt, speaks to the reader with the same "common sense" approach he used as a successful financial advisor for over 15 years.

The reader will quickly realize they are not reading your standard boring "How To" book. Emotional investing is one of the biggest obstacles to successful investing. Jon challenges the reader to look in the mirror and recognize if they are too emotional when it comes to their financial decisions. Real-life examples are provided of how the media, the firms, and some financial advisors prey on this type of investor. From a comical view of historical Time magazine covers, to taking direct aim at the false messages being told on Wall Street; Jon does an excellent job of providing the simple truth about investing.

Every investment book claims to provide strategies on how to build wealth. What makes this book different is that Jon’s investment success came from his early understanding that he had no right to try and guess with his client’s money and financial future.  The results provided some of the most stunning returns over the last decade. The period 2000-2009 has often been referred to as the "Lost Decade" because the S&P 500 index finished the decade down 9%. However, the strategy outlined in this book finished the same period up 144%. The strategy is simple, easy to understand, and is built around 14 mutual funds. What really gives the reader an "aha" moment is when Jon illustrates that when he throws out the 14 mutual funds he personally uses and replaces them with 28 completely different and randomly selected mutual funds that the three different portfolios provided virtually identical returns for the supposed "Lost Decade".  Learning about asset allocation and leaving your emotions behind is the story behind the strategy’s success.

The book concludes with an interesting inside look at the role of the financial advisor and a detailed view of how the major firms have always fed off of the emotional investor. No other book has been written specifically for the average American investor.  Jon sat with thousands of these investors, looked them in their eyes and understands the fears that they exhibit.  He understands how these emotions have impacted investor’s returns and left an entire generation wondering when they can retire. The pattern will continue unless individual investors learn to look at themselves in the mirror and decide to make their own changes.  This book and Jon will help with that process by educating and inspiring the reader to make the necessary changes.

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Paperback, 190 pages,  7x10x0.4

Comments from Readers

     "This book is a must read for all investors! Rarely does a financial book leave me wanting to read more the way this one did. Jon writes in such a way that even the most inexperienced investor can benefit from this. Informative, yet interesting!  Jon grabbed my attention from the first page and I couldn’t put it down".

Shawn Blakeslee
Business Management Specialist
Individual Investor

     "A refreshing investment book.  The book is very educational and written in a manner that is easy to understand and enjoy. This was the same way Jon spoke to me at my kitchen table, and it's the same philosophy he has preached to me for years without waiver."

Robert Gill
Former Client
Balanced Strategy Investor


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